Saturday, February 2, 2013

OK, Getting Started, Again

I started this blog with the hope of documenting my SCA-related work, but always seemed to find something else to do. First-off, I work in IT, so naturally I usually have every little to do with electrons in my spare time; hence, my involvement in the SCA, and my love for brewing, archery, and leatherwork. Oh, and tabletop gaming. ;-)

Anyway my very good friend, Lady Sylvia, has been encouraging me to start posting my brewing work. I did some really fun projects last year that I really enjoyed doing and I think others will find quite amusing. Let me just say, co k ale, duck pond ale, and vanilla cream ale. They tasted better than they sound! My dear friend, mentor, and SCA Laurel, Master Ludwig (though he prefers to be called 'Ludwig'), always encourages me be brewing; though maybe more outside my comfort zone with ales and beers. So, it's time I get to it.

Rather than try to figure out a way to back date my blog entries for work I did a year ago, I figure I'll just go ahead and blog about projects I'm working on now and throw in some entries about my previous work. I also just decided to pepper this mostly-about-brewing blog with other archery and leather working projects I'm doing too. Hate to waste the opportunity to share knowledge and spread the good word about fun things to do in the SCA!

So for my first blog, I'm finally getting to carve my kuurna (Scandinavian brewing vessel for Sahti). There is quite the back-story here, but for now, I got the thing debarked. It took about an hour or so to hack off the bark and phloem. After about 10 minutes, my right forearm really started tightening up It's funny what goes through your mind doing time-consuming, repetitive action tasks. I heard a joke the other day. What did the right-eye say to the left-eye? "Between the two of us, something smells." HA! Anyway, my right-arm usually laughs at my left-arm for being completely useless. Eventually, even it had to give in and share the burden. It was a little touch and go while old lefty was swinging the hatchet. It was chopping inaccurately and bouncing away at unintended angles. I was sure to keep myself out of the way so as to avoid a trip to the emergency room. When lefty got tired, righty took over. We took breaks as needed and before you know it, lefty was hitting the mark more often and doing it's share of the work. Yay! So about an hour later, we're done and back inside the warm house typing away at this blog. Let's see if I can post some pictures now...

There we go. Now to work on some leather projects. I'm going to cut out some leather for a really fancy flacket that's in the back of Purses and Pieces. Then line some other flackets with brewers's pitch. I'll post some pictures of those things too.

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